Who We Are

Meet the leaders at the
forefront of blockchain

Layer One X has been designed in collaboration with industry and academic partners to address critical gaps in current blockchain constructs.

Our goals & priorities at
Layer One X

Layer One X is being built by the Layer One X Foundation Switzerland to facilitate the goals and objectives for an interoperable, decentralised internet.


Growth Opportunities

Unrivalled interoperability between blockchain networks to connect more services.


Reinforced Reliability

An always-up protocol central to the web3 era that strengthens user trust and sovereignty.


Strong Infrastructure

Deliver superior web3 infrastructure, allowing developers to build rapidly.



Superior decentralisation in governance, commerce and capital markets, improving access for all.

We’re building layer-one infrastructure to connect the world’s growing web3 systems.

We believe that the current chaotic battle royale of competing trustless chains and protocols must find an equitable accord.

We’re connecting the worlds of digital and physical, DeFi and loyalty; of buying, selling, staking and earning. Forging a new era of user trust and sovereignty that ultimately delivers more equitable outcomes for all.

Our foundational, fast and secure interoperability is made to connect, with utility to unite, Layer One X allows developers and builders in Web3 and DeFi to run high-performing projects on enterprise-grade infrastructure.

Welcome to a new dawn of seamless transactions and transportable data throughout and beyond online spaces.

Built to unite a
decentralised future.

Create the next leap forward with interoperable, decentralised and scalable Web3 infrastructure made for next-gen dApp development.Register for Public SaleBuild on Layer One X

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