1,500 L1X Coins allocated to 100 Devs for Deploying their first L1X Smart contract

Deploy your first Smart Contract on L1X and get up to 1,500 L1X Coins. Only for the first 100 users! Don't miss out!

Thank you all for participating in the Deploy and Earn challenge!

We want to congratulate you and thank you for your Participation and feedback!

Do you want to earn an extra 1,500 L1X Coins? Share your experience with the world!

Follow the instructions:

  1. Create a short Video (1-2 min long) with your overall experience and valuable feedback from the competition.
  2. Post your Video on Twitter and use the Hashtag #L1XDev
  3. Tag 3 fellow developers on the post.

Let's continue building the future of L1X Together!

What is the L1X Developer Portal?

The L1X Developer Portal is your premier destination for L1X Development. It serves as a centralised hub where developers can engage, learn, and contribute to the growth of Layer One X and the broader Web3 community. Here, you’ll find comprehensive documentation, tutorials, specialised tools, and support to help you navigate the onboarding process seamlessly and efficiently.

Our portal is designed for innovation and collaboration, ensuring you have everything you need to thrive and make meaningful contributions to the L1X ecosystem.

This campaign was finalized on 13.06.2024, with 100 Developers successfully Deploying with the L1X SDKs and providing Feedback.

Campaign Details: 1,500 L1X Coins allocated to 100 Developers

Here were the steps:

  1. Deploy Your First Contract:
  2. Share Your Proof and Provide Feedback:
    • Once successfully deployed your contract or contracts, Developers uploaded the deployed contract and Feedback.
    • This feedback was crucial to be eligible for the competition.
  3. Share on Interact Chanel
  4. Resolve Issues with Our Support Team:
    • Any faced issues during the deployment process, has been posted it in the feedback channel.
  5. Be Among the First 100 to deploy on Testnet
    • The first 100 users to complete the above steps, received 500 L1X Coins.
    • The Developers who deployed an X-Talk contract, had received an additional 1,000 L1X Coins.

Why Join the L1X Developer Portal?

Facilitating Developers’ Growth and Advancement

Layer One X is dedicated to nurturing the growth and advancement of developers within the blockchain ecosystem.

Our Developer Portal, provides an extensive range of resources: Gitbook and Whitepaper documentation, sessions, and dedicated communication channels.

These resources are made for you to expand your knowledge and expertise on the L1X protocol, helping you thrive in the dynamic blockchain development sphere.

Unlocking Knowledge with Courses and Sessions

Our portal will host a wide array of courses and enriching sessions to cover various topics relevant to blockchain development. Led by industry experts and members of the L1X development and research team, these sessions provide invaluable insights and guidance, ensuring you have the necessary skills to excel in your development.

Seizing Project Bidding and Grant Opportunities

The L1X Ecosystem Grants Pool is an exciting opportunity for developers to be rewarded for their contributions. Whether you’re integrating your project ideas with Layer One X or building innovative solutions, our grants program and Airdrop rewards incentive are designed to support and recognise your efforts.

Engaging Discussions and Networking Opportunities

Sign in to the Interact section of the Developer Portal to engage in dedicated channels filled with discussions among fellow developers.

Share your knowledge, insights, and experiences while building on the L1X ecosystem or exploring cross-chain applications. By actively participating, you can network with like-minded individuals, collaborate on projects, and stay updated on the latest developments within the L1X community.

Join the L1X Developer Portal Today!

Ready to embark on your journey with Layer One X?

Access the L1X Developer Portal today and start building on L1X.

Whether you’re a seasoned developer or just starting out, we welcome you to join our community and become a part of the innovative future of blockchain technology.

Happy building!


Q: When the competition starts?

The competition starts on 23/05/2024 AWST

Q: When the competition ends?

A: The competition ends when 100 developers Deploy and provide Feedback.
The campaign ended on 13.06.2024.

Q: Is there a limit to the number of contracts I can deploy to earn coins?

One Contract per Account.

Q: Am I eligible to earn more than once?

One Account only allows for one deployment.

Q: How do we verify that each person has a single entry?

The developer will have to Sign Up and after that, provide essential feedback on the interface level development process. After that, the developer will be sent those L1Xs to the deployer account on TestNet.
The faucet link for TestNet is available on the Interface Page ⇒ Endpoints.

Q: Once deployed, does it need to have an output?

Once deployed and initialised the developers need to provide feedback.
This phase is more to get the feedback of the interface.

Q: If the smart contract is deployed but it doesn't work, is this person still eligible for reward?


Q: How the rewarded Developers are going to receive their L1X Coins?

The Coins will be airdropped to the deployers account.

Q: Is there any specific deadline for participating in the campaign?

The campaign will last until the 100 developers deploy.

Q: Are there any restrictions on who can participate in the campaign?

No restrictions.

Q: Is the Assistance going to be available 24/7?

A: No its not 24/7, but we will do our best to assist with problems.

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