L1X App Updates (11th December, 2023)

New L1X App Updates! Dive into this week's exciting enhancements. Discover how they'll improve your L1X experience. Read more now!

Hey there! Are you ready to dive into some amazing updates coming to L1X this week? We're super excited to share these with you, and we believe they're going to make your L1X experience even better.

Let's explore what's new and how these changes can benefit you.

Note: Updates will be released on the L1X App website throughout the week.

X Perk Module with X Wallet

  • What's This? Think of it as your VIP pass in the digital world. By joining the XPerk Club during Mainnet Beta phase, you can lock in your tier status.
  • Why Should You Care? Once you're in a Tier, you're set for the entire vesting period. Secure your front-row seat for L1X before Mainnet Launch!

Buy L1X directly from L1X App

Buying your L1X Coins will now be easy peasy! Just a few taps and you'll be good to go! This new option allows you to swap crypto into L1X, vest your L1X Coins for amazing rewards, and purchase using various sources. These changes simplify the process of acquiring L1X and enhance its accessibility.

L1X Foundation Page

Want to know more about the L1X Foundation? Now will be right in the L1X App, easy to access. Anytime.

Influential Board with Streaming

L1X App comes with a game-changer page for influencers. Consolidate your digital presence into a unique single space. Imagine combining the best aspects of platforms like Facebook, Telegram, YouTube, Twitter, Only Fans, Shopify, and Meetup into one powerful hub.

Engage with your fans, share content, host live chats, stream events, answer questions, and monetize their influence all in one seamless space. Get ready to elevate your influence and connect with your community like never before!

Updated Get Assistance with Influential Page

The Get Assistance feature has been revamped to include the option to guide you through the Influential path. This update aims to provide more personalized and efficient support, tailored to your individual needs and preferences.

Diga Labs WL Page release

Get ready for an exhilarating leap into the future of Web3 Gaming with the upcoming release of the Digarcade GenX whitelist page in L1X App!

This is your golden opportunity to secure a spot at the forefront of a gaming revolution. Be among the first to explore a world where the nostalgia of arcade machines meets the cutting-edge technology of L1X. Stay tuned for the launch, connect, and get set to embark on an unprecedented gaming adventure with Digarcade GenX!

Major Changes on the Home Page

We're implementing significant changes to the L1X App Home Page. These updates are designed to enhance user navigation and offer a more intuitive and user-friendly interface.

Updated NFT Page

The L1X App NFT page is getting an upgrade! With better user experience and facilities to navigate while acquiring your Web3 Username.

Updated XPert Referral Page with ObjX View

Lastly, the XPert referral page is being updated with an innovative ObjX view. This feature aims to provide a more comprehensive and insightful overview, helping you make the most of our referral program.

We're excited about these updates and confident they will enhance your experience on L1X. Stay tuned for these exciting developments, and thank you for being a part of our journey!

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