Resuming Zealy Competition: New Rules, New Excitement!

The revamped L1X Zealy Competition is here with more excitement and rewards. Compete in Stream A's All-Time Leaderboard or join Stream B's Monthly Sprint for a chance to win L1X Coins and exclusive L1X Caps. Get ready to dive in and stand out!

Hey there, Zealy enthusiasts! 

We've got some thrilling news to share – the Zealy Competition is back, and it's better than ever! We've revamped the rules to bring you more excitement, inclusivity, and rewards. Whether you're a seasoned contender or just dipping your toes into the competition waters, there's something here for everyone. 

In celebration of the upcoming TGE, we're giving away a total of 3 L1X Caps in the first month of this revamped Zealy competition.
Please note that within the revamped Zealy Competition, we'll be introducing time-specific tasks, marked as TS, which will either be removed or become unclaimable after a specified date and time.

All quests within the Sprint have to be completed in the Sprint's timeframe.

The first sprint begins in on 13 Mar -> 3am UTC | 11am AWST.

Let's dive into what's new: 

Stream A. All Time Leaderboard

In Stream A, participants will compete based on their total points accumulated over time. For those who have been with us since the beginning, don't worry – you've retained your points and will start from where you left off. The top 20 participants in this stream are guaranteed a set amount of coins: 

  • Top 10 contenders bag 20 L1X Coins each. 
  • Participants ranking 11 to 20 scoop up 10 L1X Coins each. 


But wait, there's more! Even if you're not in the top ranks, you still have a chance to win through our fortnightly Frenzy Raffle. These raffles will be conducted via Discord bot, with entries determined by your Discord Roles corresponding to your level on Zealy. The higher your level on Zealy, the more entries you'll receive.

With 3 prizes of 50 L1X Coins up for grabs every fortnight, everyone has a shot at winning! 

Level 2 Unlocked -> 1 Entry 

Level 3 Unlocked -> 2 Entries 

Level 4 Unlocked -> 4 Entries 

Level 5 Unlocked -> 6 Entries 

Level 6 Unlocked -> 8 Entries 

Level 7 Unlocked -> 10 Entries 

Level 8 Unlocked -> 15 Entries 

Level 9 Unlocked -> 20 Entries 

Level 10 Unlocked -> 25 Entries 



Level 25 Unlocked -> 100 Entries 

Note: You can only win this raffle once per month 


Stream B. Monthly Sprint

Looking for a fresh start? Stream B's got you covered with its Monthly Sprint. Compete against your peers on a level playing field and vie for a spot in the top 10. Here's what's up for grabs: 

  • The top 5 contenders pocket 30 L1X Coins each. 
  • Participants ranking 6 to 10 walk away with 20 L1X Coins each. 

Similar to Stream A, Stream B will also feature raffles, but with a twist. Raffle A, called Top 20 Triumph Raffle, will only apply to the top 20 participants, with entries determined by rank. With 4 prizes, the stakes are higher than ever: 

  • 200 L1X Coin
  • 100 L1X Coin 
  • 2 prizes of 50 L1X Coins

Additionally, a Raffle B, called Monthly Sprint Sweetstakes, will give every participant who has accumulated at least 75% of the monthly sprint a shot at winning. Held live on Discord, this raffle ensures that everyone who puts in the effort has a chance to be rewarded for their hard work.   

Note: Winners of the Top 20 Triumph Raffle cannot win both the Top 20 Triumph Raffle and Monthly Sweepstakes in the same month, ensuring fairness and giving everyone a fair chance to win. 

And yes, there is still more! In celebration of the upcoming TGE, we're giving away a total of 3 L1X Caps in the first month of this revamped Zealy competition:

1 L1X Cap for the fortnightly Frenzy Raffle

1 L1X Cap for the Top 20 Triumph Raffle

1 L1X Cap for the general Monthly Sprint Sweepstakes

We're excited to see you all compete in the Zealy Competition under our new rules. Let the games begin, and may the best participants win! 

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