Powering the Future of Gaming: L1X and Digalabs Join Forces in an Epic Partnership

Exciting partnership between L1X and Digalabs redefines blockchain gaming. Limitless possibilities await in the gaming utopia!

In the dynamic world of blockchain and gaming, innovation knows no bounds. Today, we are thrilled to announce an exciting partnership between two trailblazing projects - L1X and Digalabs. This collaboration is set to redefine the landscape of blockchain gaming, bringing unprecedented benefits to both projects and the entire gaming community.

Get ready to level up as we explore the boundless potential of this partnership!


Digalabs is a leader in blockchain gaming projects and technologies. Digalabs has two main groundbreaking projects:


Digard a Gaming Metaverse that consists of a Gaming Platform, Token Launchpad, NFT Launchpad, NFT Market Place, and De-fi elements. It specializes in providing cutting-edge blockchain solutions for the gaming world. Digard is:

  • A Steam-like gaming platform
  • A Launchpad
  • An NFT Launchpad for new gaming projects,
  • providing NFT Staking for earning rewards,
  • a decentralized Marketplace to trade unique assets,
  • an intuitive Store for easy access to in-game items.

Digard is the driving force behind the seamless integration of blockchain technology within the gaming industry, providing developers and gamers alike with powerful tools to create, trade, and explore innovative gaming experiences.

Eldarune, Digard’s first launched project “Game Factory”.

Eldarune pioneers the creation of fun games within its gaming ecosystem, enhancing the player experience and fostering a vibrant gaming community. With Digard’s blockchain solutions, Eldarune “Game Factory” aimed to be a leading force in the blockchain gaming industry, creating interoperable assets, leveraging blockchain technology to create immersive gaming experiences, fair economies, and player-centric ecosystems.

  • Eldarune: World of Elymnias is an AI-Powered medieval RPG based on a storyline with 4K graphics, PvP, and PVE modes.
  • While playing Eldarune: WoE you will travel 21 islands, fight in the hundreds of dungeons, and defeat the strongest monsters in the Elymnias world with your clan or alone.
  • Heroes of Eldarune is a simple PvP Card Game that you can play with Eldarune NFTs.

A Match Made in Blockchain Heaven:

Layer One X’s revolutionary blockchain platform known for its interoperability, scalability, security, and accessibility, has found the perfect ally in Digalabs.

Unleashing the Power of Interoperability:

The interoperable nature of Layer One X's blockchain technology perfectly complements Eldarune’s mission of creating cross-chain gaming assets. Both L1X and Eldarune have harnessed the potential of this groundbreaking feature, and together, they’ll create a gaming ecosystem like no other. At the core of Eldarune, every in-game asset is a non-fungible token (NFT). This means that players truly own their virtual possessions, giving them the freedom to use, trade, or sell these unique assets across various games within the Eldarune Game Factory. And now, with the power of L1X's revolutionary interoperability tech X-talk, the possibilities have expanded exponentially.

By integrating with L1X's cutting-edge X-Talk, $ELDA token and all Eldarune - Game Factory NFTs will have ventured beyond the boundaries of their native ecosystem. Players will be able to utilize their cherished assets from Eldarune's games seamlessly across various other platforms that will be part of the L1X network. This cross-chain compatibility will open up a world of opportunities, enabling players to explore new gaming realms and interact with different decentralized applications (dApps) within the L1X ecosystem.

Scaling New Heights:

Scalability has long been a challenge in the gaming world. Layer One X's cutting-edge scalability solutions enhance Digard offerings, ensuring a smooth and uninterrupted gaming experience for players. The ability to handle high transaction volumes with low fees further amplifies the appeal of both projects, attracting more users and developers into the ecosystem. Gamers will be able to indulge in seamless gameplay without interruptions, while developers can unleash their creativity without limitations.

Fortified Security:

Security is paramount, especially in a gaming environment where assets and virtual possessions are at stake. L1X's robust security measures, combined with Digard and Eldarune's best practices, create an unbreachable fortress. Players can enjoy peace of mind, knowing that their in-game assets and transactions are protected from potential threats.

Power of the Communities:

Inclusivity is a core value shared by both L1X and Digalabs. Through this partnership, we aim to break down barriers and make gaming and crypto accessible to all. The collaboration exposes each community to new and diverse use cases of blockchain technology. By combining communities, sharing knowledge and expertise enhances the overall understanding of blockchain technology, promoting adoption and breaking down barriers to entry.

This collaboration is more than just a handshake; it's a win-win situation for both L1X and Digalabs. The partnership opens up new horizons for L1X, expanding its use case into the vast gaming landscape and its community, while Digard and Eldarune Game Factory gain access to a cutting-edge blockchain platform, revolutionizing its gaming ecosystem.

Looking Ahead:

As we embark on this groundbreaking journey together, the possibilities are limitless. Imagine a future where blockchain gaming transcends boundaries, where players and developers unite to create a gaming utopia. This partnership is a steppingstone towards that dream, and we can't wait to share the journey with our amazing community!

The partnership between L1X and Digalabs is set to redefine the future of blockchain gaming. Through interoperability, scalability, security, and accessibility, we aim to create an unparalleled gaming experience for all. As we take this leap of faith together, we invite gamers, developers, and crypto enthusiasts to join us on this exciting adventure. Together, we'll power the future of gaming like never before!

Stay tuned for more updates and let's build the future of gaming, one block at a time!

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