The Future Next-Gen Crypto Wallet

Do you remember your first crypto wallet experience? Was it similar to your first experience driving a car? It was for me.

Sitting in the driver's seat, I remember feeling the wheel in my hands and the engine's hum vibrating beneath. It was an amazing, scary, and thrilling experience all wrapped up in one moment. As a young driver, I did not know what to expect, except it was cool to do at that age. My first crypto experience was in 2018, and I felt similar emotions.

When the automobile was first released, it was a significant leap into the future. Likewise, it quickly became recognized as a fantastic feat that would revolutionize our world. Today, our motor vehicle designs, tech, and advancements symbolize a sense of progress, freedom, and achievement as humans.

Kody K - Chief Experience Officer

Now, imagine you and I are about to enter another type of vehicle. One to drive you into a next-gen evolution and experience in the digital landscape. Yes, I'm talking about the future of crypto wallets.

Hello, my name is Kody! I'm the Chief Experience Officer at Layer One X. Who's ready to start?

Why L1X Wallets Are A Digital Revolution

Like the wallet in your pocket that keeps your cash and credit cards, it can also hold other things. For example, you can have your favorite restaurant loyalty punch card, photos, health cards, licenses, and more. Your physical wallet is an extension of who you are in life.

Today, in crypto, we're conditioned to think that a crypto wallet can only hold your digital assets (coins & NFTs), and that's about it. At least, that's why my crypto friends tell me. Oh, and let's not forget to mention the hassle of "carrying around" a different digital wallet for each blockchain you are active on.

However, at Layer One X, we see things a lot differently. For example, our Xperience (utility product) team is 100% focused on pushing the current wallet boundaries. We aim to make our wallet experience an extension of your digital self.

As we drive innovation and crypto into the future, users will begin to view wallets almost like a digital passport or a vehicle you navigate across the vast web landscape of web3.

The Future is Now: Designing the Next-Gen Crypto Wallet

Our team has a grand vision of how the next-gen wallet experience will take shape in the future. I am thrilled to share with you today what that future holds.

As a UI/UX designer, I've experienced the available crypto wallets today. Likewise, we all know there is a massive opportunity to make a difference in four key areas.

Future of Crypto Wallet
  • Massive utility: Xtalk is our take on interoperability. This core technology from Layer One X is critical to the wallet's success. It is the passport to anywhere in crypto.
  • Ease of use: The next-gen L1X Wallet experience is about providing new to advanced users with a simple and seamless experience. For example, our target audience is a grandma who can't turn on her computer. Why? Because if we provide her with a way to purchase L1X without help from her grandson, we've won!
  • Low-cost transactions: We've created a seamless integration of the universal gas fee utility of the L1X token into the wallet experience. Using the L1X Coin as a transaction fee token, users can transact, swap, and interact with smart contracts, regardless of the chain. It creates a very low and affordable solution for users of all levels.
  • Peace of mind: Imagine an experience where crypto users never have to worry about running out of gas tokens or getting stuck on a chain. Perhaps even purchasing an asset on the wrong chain (Don't worry, we've all been there!). There are so many more functions and features of the wallet to cover. Yet, when it comes to a next-gen wallet, my vision is simple but bold at the same time too.

"If we have smart contracts, why don't we have smart crypto wallets? "

- Kody K. (CXO)

Simplicity & Accessibility

Do you recall the first time you sat behind the wheel for a driving lesson? If it was anything like mine, it wasn't exactly a joyride. Similarly, I'd wager your initial crypto experience might have been equally daunting. The crux of the issue is the sheer complexity of crypto, which has posed a substantial barrier to widespread acceptance.

Our focus is to dismantle this hurdle. How do we plan on doing that? The answer lies in making the entire crypto experience as user-friendly as possible. For example, simplifying the user experience requires us to break it down to its core. This process can ensure the means for us to create the necessary change. However, the accurate measure of success of a better crypto wallet experience depends on two things:

1) if the user finds it straightforward and intuitive,

2) it provides a viable solution to existing problems for crypto users.

At Layer One X, the Xperience team is revamping how users, projects, and wallets interact. For example, we are pioneering new standards to deliver these simple user experiences starting within the development and engineering layers. Soon, L1X will open up our latest development platform, the xOS (Wallet Operating System). It's a unique engineering layer where developers can build a new user experience on top of the Xwallet platform—automatically integrating all of the L1X's core technology and utilities into their projects.

A core component of the wallet engineering layer is xApps, a native developer application built into the wallet experience. The primary role of xApps is to bring a developer's project right to the user through a wallet view instead of being pushed through a link to a dApps website experience.

Likewise, developers can expand their project's reach by allowing users to connect and interact through all of the L1X wallet experiences. Such as Chrome extensions, browser wallets, web apps, and native mobile apps without compromising our user-friendly ecosystem.

Crypto wallet security in the future

Security of the Future

Now, think about your car. Before you start driving, you want to know if taking a ride is safe. We feel the same about your digital assets and activities.

Our next-gen wallets are more than just secure; they're fortresses. For example, when you use an Xwallet, we've implemented features to keep you and your assets safe through functions like multi-sigg, dusting attack prevention flows, and so much more. Likewise, when developers build their projects through a xApp, they automatically integrate L1X's cutting-edge security features and utilities into their projects. As a result, you can rest assured that your crypto experience is fast and safe.

One Wallet, Endless Possibilities

Imagine switching your car every time you change terrains throughout your journey. What a hassle. Yet, crypto users accept this behavior as the standard experience every day. Why?

Layer One X's vision for the future of crypto wallets is simple. We're working towards a wallet experience compatible with many cryptocurrencies, including EVM and Non-EVM blockchains.

One incredible feature is the ability to "link" other wallets to a primary Xwallet. For example, importing your Ethereum wallet would automatically link it to L1X. As a result, you could see your assets, transact, and more, all from your primary wallet. Amazing, right? It brings new meaning to the phrase "One wallet to rule them all!"

Another great function of the L1X wallet is that you can lower your gas fees and never need to purchase another gas token. For example, when using the wallet with the L1X coin, you unlock the universal gas fee token utility.

This utility acts as a single gas fee or multi-chain gas fee token, depending on the type of transaction you are performing. It uses L1X to pay for the Gas Fees on Ethereum, BSC, Solana, Polygon, Avax, Fantom, Arbitrum, and Optimism. As a result, users only need to hold one token for Gas Fees across multiple chains.

Now the wallet experience is more than a standard wallet. It is now your passport for all digital assets, blockchain interactions, and more.

DeFi and NFTs: A Whole New User Experience

Now try to imagine a car that could transform into a house or an office at the push of a button. It sounds like science fiction. However, we're bringing this futuristic concept to reality through the crypto wallet experience.

Our focus is for the user to customize their wallet experience. Likewise, choose how they wish to connect and interact with Dex's, Games, DeFi projects, and NFT marketplaces through our single platform. Again, we're transforming the wallet from a mere blockchain browser to a versatile engineering platform known as xOS (Wallet Operating System).

By bringing the crypto projects to the users, users will soon be able to borrow, lend, and trade everything from assets, data, and digital art - all right from within their next-gen L1X wallet. Likewise, users can interact through our new wallet experience, feeling secure and protected.

The Dawn of a New Era in Crypto

We're on the brink of a revolution in crypto. The next-gen crypto wallet experience is more than just an upgrade. It's an evolution.

It's a giant leap toward a future where everyone can easily, safely, and seamlessly navigate the digital landscape. Yes, there will be challenges. But just as we've conquered mountains and crossed deserts in our automobiles, we'll overcome these too. When we accomplish our goals with the crypto wallet, we can say:

"It won't be L1X promoting the wallet. It will be the wallet promoting L1X!"

- Kody K. (CXO)

My friends, the future of crypto is here and will soon be in your hands. Are you ready to embark on this next-gen journey?

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