XPerks Club and Node NFT: Full Guide to Join the Club and Get Your L1X Nodes

Check out the Official Links to proceed with the XPerks Club and Node NFT.

We are excited to announce that the XPerks Club is officially Live! But that is not all, you can NOW Purchase your Node NFT on the L1X App.

XPerks Club

XPerks will open up to the first 100 people to ensure the process is seamless.
First come, first served.

L1X Nodes

Watch the Latest AMA where we dive into the prelaunch of the XPerks Club, the L1X Nodes Sale and the L1X Swap Bounty Airdrop Campaign

Summary of the 13th March AMA on XPerks and Nodes

Sum-Up of the 13-03-2024 XPerks Club and L1X Nodes AMA
Dive into the world of node hosting and XPerks! Learn how to maximize rewards and benefits by joining early. Discover tier structures and exclusive perks. Don’t miss out on this game-changing opportunity!
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