L1X Marketing Weekly Updates

Coming up this Week: 29th April - 5th May

Hosted AMAs

  • Monday 29th 1AM UTC. XTalks 44. Seamlessly Blending Real-World Athletics with VR Simulation

  • Tuesday 30th. 9AM EDT - XTalks 45. Privacy-Enabled Crypto & DeFi: Next Meta?
  • Friday 3rd of May. 1AM UTC

Join us on an exciting AMA before the launch, to go over the new releases, Airdrop competitions and more.

Live X AMA. Token Builder release, Airdrops and more
Get ready for an epic LIVE-X AMA Community session celebrating the launch of L1X that is coming soon! 🚀 We’re diving into all the juicy details: The exciting competitions we’re rolling out, updates on the L1X Token Builder, and the inside scoop on what to expect from the L1X Launch. It’s going to be an absolute blast! Mark your calendars and join the fun! 🗓️FRIDAY, MAY 3rd 🕐1AM UTC #L1X #AMA #Competition #Mainnet

Active Competitions:

L1X Pre-Launch Airdrop Campaign

  • Pool of +250,000 L1X Coins
  • 26/04/2024 - 6/05/2024
L1X Pre-Launch Airdrop Campaign
In celebration of the L1X Launch on 7th of May 2024, we are excited to run another L1X Airdrop with an incredible Pool of more than +250K L1X Coins and exciting cool features coming up. Every day you will have an amazing opportunity to be one of the daily draw

Gleam L1X Launch Journey

  • Pool of 5,000 L1X Coins.
  • 1/05/2024 - 6/05/2024


Revamped Zealy campaign

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If you are an L1X Coin holder and you haven't gone through the Data Sanitisation and/or XPerks program yet, it is of vital importance. Understand Why here.

Check out the full guide below:
Updated guide to Opt-in the XPerks Club and Get a Node NFT | L1X Foundation

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