Announcement: Host your FVN Node

Start Hosting your Full Validator L1X Node.

We're excited to announce that you can now start hosting your Full Validator Nodes (FVN). Whether you prefer to set up locally or on a cloud service like Digital Ocean, we've provided comprehensive guides to help you through the process.

Watch the detailed Video and learn in detail how to Host your FVN.

  • For Cloud Service Providers: Learn the complete process from start to finish.
  • For Local Hosting: Skip to 3:30 in the video for a quick start guide.

GitHub Repository & Setup Guide:

Setup Instructions:

  • Local Node Setup: Detailed steps to configure your node on a local machine can be found here.
  • Setup on Digital Ocean: For cloud hosting, check out our step-by-step guide to setting up on Digital Ocean here.

Monitoring Your Nodes and Distribution

L1X Distribution Schedule

Keep track of your stake timeline, and see how your distribution evolves over time. This schedule is essential for understanding the staking rewards and timelines.


Access detailed information about your FVN, including your slot, UUID (unique identifier), and address. This is crucial for node operators to manage and monitor their nodes efficiently.

Accessing Your FVN Nodes

Once you've set up your FVN, you can access and manage them via the XWallet. Make sure you have the latest version of XWallet installed. You can view your FVN NFTs by toggling to V2 in the wallet.

Checking out the List of Validators

Keep track of the Active validators from the L1X Scan interdace

Get Your Node with Metamask

If you do not have a Node already, get started by getting your node with Metamask.

Stay Updated

For the latest updates and detailed guides, keep an eye on our GitHub repository and Wiki.

🔗 L1X FVN Node GitHub Repository

🔗 L1X FVN Node Wiki

Join us today and be a part of the future of blockchain technology with L1X!

Having issues? Raise a ticket on the Interact Channel from the L1X Developer Portal - Node Hosting.


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