Layer One X Partners with Shufl to Revolutionize the NFT Marketplace

Innovative blockchain technology from Layer One X to power Shufl, setting the stage for it to become the premier multi-chain NFT marketplace. 

PERTH, AUSTRALIA — 18th of June, 2024 


Layer One X, a leading provider of innovative blockchain core technology, is thrilled to announce its strategic partnership with Shufl, an emerging player in the NFT marketplace. This collaboration will leverage Layer One X's advanced blockchain technology to enhance Shufl's platform, positioning it as the premier multi-chain NFT marketplace. 


"Layer One X is Committed to its Ecosystem Grant Pool and building the first of its kind Multi-Chain Applications and Shufl app with its Multi-Chain NFT marketplace is a firm step towards the multi-chain vision" affirmed Kevin Coutinho, Founder of Layer One X. "By integrating our robust X-talk blockchain core technology, we're empowering Shufl to offer a seamless, secure, and efficient NFT trading experience across multiple chains, instilling confidence in the strategic direction of this partnership." 


Shufl, renowned for its user-friendly interface and diverse NFT offerings, is poised to take a leap forward with the integration of Layer One X's blockchain technology. This integration will unlock many benefits, including faster transactions, improved security, and enhanced scalability, promising an exciting and superior NFT trading experience for its users. 


As part of the newly formed partnership, both projects aim to set a new standard in the crypto industry for NFT Marketplaces—a collaboration of cutting-edge blockchain technology that will push the innovation of multi-chain NFT marketplaces for the future.  

The partnership will commence immediately, with integration efforts already underway. Both Layer One X and Shufl are excited about its potential and eager to see its transformative impact on the NFT marketplace. 


Please visit Layer One X's website for more information about Layer One X and Shufl.  


About Layer One X 

Layer One X is a groundbreaking blockchain designed to redefine digital infrastructure. Built for unmatched scalability, security, and sustainability, it empowers developers to create innovative decentralized applications that push boundaries. Our robust cross-chain interoperability X-talk infrastructure ensures seamless transactions, lightning-fast speeds, and unparalleled security for users and projects, all while being entirely decentralized.  


About Shufl 

Shufl is the premier NFT marketplace, revolutionizing the creator economy and championing environmental sustainability. They offer a flat 5% royalty on all secondary sales, empowering creators and fostering a thriving artist community. Shufl's commitment to the planet is reflected in our donation of 2.5% of platform fees to plant trees, helping offset NFTs' environmental impact.  

Join the Shufl movement and be part of redefining the NFT landscape. 


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Attn: Kody King 



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