Introducing the L1X Wallet Profiler

Embark on a journey through the crypto wilderness with the L1X Wallet Profiler! Your all-in-one guide to managing assets, tracking rewards, and tracking your DeFi interactions seamlessly.

Are you ready to embark on a journey into the depths of your digital assets like never before? Well, we've got some exciting news to share!

Drumroll, please...

We are thrilled to announce that the Wallet Profiler (Version 1) is now live and kicking! 🎉

If you find yourself navigating through multiple screens to locate all your assets from one chain, we are offering the opportunity to have all your L1X assets well organised in a single place.

So, what can you expect from this Wallet Profiler?

Seamless Integration

With Wallet Profiler, all your L1X crucial information is conveniently consolidated into one sleek interface. Simply connect your XWallet and watch as your entire crypto empire unfolds.

Stay Updated with the Latest Features

With Version 1 of Wallet Profiler, you'll gain access to essential features designed to streamline your crypto experience:

  • L1X Core: Check your L1X balance, monitor your staked XPerks, and track the number of owned nodes with ease.
  • Usernames: Say goodbye to the hassle of remembering multiple usernames across different platforms. Wallet Profiler conveniently lists all your usernames in one place.
  • DeFi section: Have your Defi interaction under control. Check out the number of swaps, staked balance, and Balancer rewards, from XBPT to generate L1X rewards.
  • L1X Rewards: Have control of the rewards earned from your referrals and access the Distributor (coming soon).

How to Dive In

  1. Connect your XWallet V 1.0.20 to the L1X App

Be sure that you have the latest version of the XWallet (V 1.0.20) installed.

Note: Remember to store your Private Key (also known as your ‘Private Address) to be able to access your XWallet before you uninstall it.
A Step-by-step guide to installing your XWallet
Detailed below is our step-by-step guide to installing your Layer Once X XWallet. Be part of our dynamic ecosystem and exciting opportunities!
  1. Once your XWallet is connected, access the Wallet Profiler.
    1. Direct Access from Home Page - Discover - Wallet Profiler
Just remember that you need to connect the XWallet where you have your assets located.
If you purchased L1X Assets using MetaMask (like Usernames), you might have to import that MM Wallet Address into XWallet.

So, what are you waiting for? It's time to take control of your crypto destiny with Wallet Profiler by your side.

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