Exciting Updates in L1X App

Discover the latest revolutionary updates to the L1X App! From owning revenue-generating NFTs to enjoying drastically reduced swap fees, the new features in L1X App offer an unparalleled Web3 experience. 

We're thrilled to announce a series of major updates to the L1X App that are set to redefine your experience in the world of Web3 and blockchain. From owning a unique piece of the L1X ecosystem to enjoying reduced fees and expanded functionalities, these updates are designed to enhance your journey in the decentralized digital landscape. Let’s dive into what’s new!

In case you missed it, you can Listen the special L1X Live AMA, with the latest updates from the L1X Team.

L1X App NFT Sale - Own your part of L1X

The L1X App is taking a giant leap into the NFT space. Now, you can not only own a piece of L1X App's activity fees and governance but also register a unique Web3 username. This username acts as your verified identity on Web3, allowing you to manage data and control multiple wallet addresses seamlessly. It's your gateway to a more streamlined and personalized Web3 experience.

Referral Program Overhaul - Earn with every Referral

Our referral program is a game-changer, offering you 10-35% LIFETIME referral fees for every new user or partner you bring to the L1X App. Managing your referrals is easy and intuitive, allowing you to keep track of your earnings and network growth all in one place. Plus, the multi-tiered bonus structure means your earning potential is virtually limitless!

Integrated Claiming Feature - Streamlined access to Rewards

Claiming your L1X Coins is now more straightforward than ever. Whether you're a regular user or a referral, you can easily claim your coins directly from the app. The process is designed for convenience, allowing you to claim from multiple accounts in a single session or at your own pace.

Updated Portfolio section - Your Investments Visualized

These updates mark a significant leap forward in our commitment to providing a seamless, integrated, and rewarding experience in the Web3 world. More details will be given soon. But that is not all, we have revealed more information about the XPerks Club, check how you can level up your crypto experience.

Reduce Swap Fees - Experience Low-Cost Swapping

We've slashed our swap fees from 1% to an incredibly low 0.02% – the lowest in the market. This significant reduction ensures that your trades on the L1X App are not just swift and secure but also incredibly cost-effective.

Multi-Chain Launchpad - Early Access and Opportunities

Get exclusive early access to projects launching on L1X with our Multi-Chain Launchpad. By owning L1X App NFT, you're not just investing in a project; you're becoming a part of its journey from the ground up. Plus, use your referral link to promote new projects and earn referral fees.

These updates are just the beginning of our journey to offer you an unparalleled experience in the world of Web3. The L1X App is committed to continuous innovation and user empowerment. Stay tuned and don't forget to join our Discord community for the latest updates!

Stay tuned for more updates, and happy exploring in the ever-evolving landscape of L1X App!

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