Onboarding 15 Million Citizens: Layer One X & Omchain

Omchain teams up with Layer One X to issue Digital IDs for 15M blockchain users using L1X infrastructure. This will enhance access to governmental and banking services, among others.

Omchain is a layer one blockchain based out of Turkey and has partnered with Layer One X to utilise its infrastructure to issue Digital IDs that will allow the ID Holders to make use of Governmental, Educational, Banking and other services in Turkey. This establishes a pathway to introduce ID holders to other applications and services on Layer One X, closing the gap on Digital Identity.

Omchain and Layer One X have united to onboard 15 million blockchain users onto the Omchain and L1X Platform to enable the issuance of Digital ID’s.

Listen to the Twitter X Spaces between Omchain and Layer One X.

Omchain: The Vanguard of Digital Identity Solutions

At the heart of Omchain's groundbreaking advancements is its capacity to create unalterable, and verifiable connectivity infrastructure. These digital IDs, ultimately intended for issuance by entities like governments and universities, prioritize top-tier security and efficiency.

The Synergy: Omchain and Layer One X

In their joint quest to revolutionize digital identity solutions, the partnership between Omchain and Layer One X represents a substantial leap forward. Functioning as the technology provider, Layer One X is strategically positioned to supply the core infrastructure required to implement decentralized digital identity for users on the Omchain platform. Capitalizing on Layer One X’s cross-chain capabilities, this collaboration will streamline the transition from a web2 to web3 infrastructure. Layer One X will provide its smart contract, execution and consensus infrastructure with its X-Talk technology to facilitate this process. 

The Technology and W3C Verifiable Credential and DID standard

As per the W3C Verifiable Credential and DID standard and safeguarding the data with GDPR compliance; the three stakeholders utilising the technology are the Verifiable Credential Provider, The Users and the Verifier. The Modularity of Layer One X and Omchain technology will also enable the process of creating and verifying credentials through cryptography and encryption. Scalability is achieved with the infrastructure of the multi-node architecture that Layer One X utilises. 

Unlocking the Value: What the Partnership Brings

The collaboration between Omchain and Layer One X signifies a pivotal moment in the digital identity landscape, driven by several key objectives:

  1. Expanding Digital Identity Solutions with Interoperability: This partnership is geared towards expanding Omchain's digital identity technology. 
  2. Decentralized Verification in Business Registration: Entrepreneurs and business owners can utilize their Digital IDs for seamless and secure verification of their identities and credentials eliminating unnecessary delays and costs.
  3. Anonymous Verification for Sensitive Services: Users can access sensitive services while safeguarding their privacy, ensuring the protection of personal information and elevating overall security.
  4. Cross-Service Identity Portability: A single Digital ID can seamlessly extend across multiple platforms, reducing the necessity for multiple accounts and passwords.
  5. Data Minimization for Third-Party Services: Users share only necessary information, promoting heightened privacy and security in interactions with third-party services.

X-Talk Infrastructure: Sharing Across Centralized and Decentralized Ledgers

One of the standout features of this collaboration is the use of X-Talk Infrastructure, which enables seamless sharing of information across both centralized and decentralized ledgers. Digital ID holders can effortlessly provide or revoke access to their data, ensuring complete control over their personal information.

About Space Cards

Space Cards, offered by Layer One X, are a key component of this partnership. They empower users to manage and share their data in the web3 space securely. This feature will be instrumental in enhancing the digital identity experience for citizens.


A Brighter Digital Future Awaits

The future of the digital landscape undeniably revolves around blockchain technology. This collaboration between two trailblazers is propelling us closer to the realization of enhanced security, privacy, and decentralization. By delivering secure and verifiable digital identities to individuals, institutions, and governments, this innovative partnership is poised to reshape our digital interactions. Be sure to stay tuned for additional updates and developments on this exciting venture.

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