Sum-Up of the 23-02-2024: A Journey Through Layer One X's Space CMS

Delve into the recent L1X App webinar as we explore the upcoming features of the Space CMS. From decentralized ownership to streamlined social media experiences, witness the future of Web3 unfold before your eyes.

Come along with us as we delve into the recent webinar where we explored the upcoming features of the L1X App.

Kevin Coutinho, the mastermind behind L1X, along with Lionel, our Applications Manager, and Keyur Kumbhare, an influential representative, guide us through this exciting journey.

Get ready to immerse yourself in the future of community-driven innovation. Together, we'll discover how these features are set to revolutionize our interactions in Web3.

And if you happened to miss it, don't worry. You can catch the full webinar right here to watch it again.


Section 1. L1X Web3 Username. The Key to Your Digital Identity

In the L1X app, start by choosing a Username, likely available in these early stages. This Username NFT serves as your passport across the entire L1X ecosystem, enabling login and sharing. If you don't have a wallet, no worries – sign up or log in using your email via XConnect.

While a Username NFT is necessary to link your Space Card, you can still explore and build portfolios with just your email. L1X ensures accessibility for both seasoned users and newcomers alike.

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Section 2. Your Quick Start Guide to the L1X App

Beside the XWallet icon, you'll find the Wizard feature, designed to help you grasp the app's basics. This module covers everything from connecting your wallet to navigating Space Cards and Web3 applications. Think of it as your go-to documentation for a seamless start. Click on the Wizard for step-by-step guides on setting up various features within the L1X app.

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Section 3. Elevate your Online Presence with Space CMS on L1X App

Space CMS is the your ultimate tool for crafting a unique online presence, where you have the control and ownership of your data. Unlike Linktree, Space CMS offers customizable vertical and horizontal cards (Mobile and Desktop view), empowering you to highlight what matters most.

With Space CMS, choose from beautiful templates or design your own from scratch. Explore community templates for inspiration and collaboration.

Beyond aesthetics, Space CMS integrates seamlessly with other L1X features, creating interconnected ecosystems. Plus, upcoming features like direct Live streaming and personalized access for top followers make Space CMS a creator's dream.

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Section 4. Space Cards Use Cases

Space Cards on L1X App are NFTs, and they offer unparalleled flexibility compared to traditional business cards or Linktree accounts. It allows you to share precisely what you want, where you want.

In real-world scenarios, Space Cards serve as verifiable digital identities. Whether it's embedding them in email signatures for authenticity or sharing them in Discord to prevent impersonation, space cards streamline verification processes while offering versatility across platforms.

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Section 5. Building Your Online Presence: A Live Demonstration on L1X

Keyur walks us through a Live demonstration as we explore the powerful features of L1X's Space CMS. From connecting your wallet to creating custom Space Cards and Web3 websites, we'll walk you through the seamless process of crafting your digital identity.

In this demonstration, we showcase how Space CMS is getting ready to offer unparalleled flexibility compared to traditional website builders like WordPress. With intuitive design tools and integrated features, L1X App is working on the creation of a hassle-free experience for creators of all levels.

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Section 6. Empowering Data Control: Use Cases of the L1X Application Panel

The L1X Application Panel offers a range of use cases aimed at empowering users with data control and verification. From verifying information sourced from platforms (like LinkedIn) to encrypting sign-in processes and integrating with the L1X protocol, it ensures data security and authenticity.

In a live demonstration, Lionel showcases how users can access their applications within the Space Cards section, serving as a connector between L1X and Web2 applications. With the ability to link multiple accounts and select specific data points for import, users gain control over their digital identities.

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Section 7. Streamline Your Social Media Experience With L1X: A Unified Notification System

With Space Cards, simplify how you can keep up with and control the content of all your favourite influencers. Or if you are a business, how to maintain and inform all your clients.

Using a unified notification system, it allows you to consolidate updates from various social media platforms into a single, easy-to-access space. Whether you're following someone on YouTube, Twitter, or Telegram, L1X App makes it effortless to stay informed about their latest uploads and posts.

With streamlined access and enhanced security, L1X empowers you to share content with precision and ease. Say goodbye to scattered notifications and hello to a seamless social media experience with L1X.

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Section 8. Decentralized Ownership and Controlled Sharing

Kevin used a Whiteboard to represent the significance of NFTs in the L1X ecosystem. Registering as a Username NFT provides recognition and lays the groundwork for future domain linking.

Space Cards, functioning as NFTs, link your Usernames together and establish ownership of profile information, ensuring a secure and decentralized data ownership structure. Importing data into the Web3 contract transfers it to the data contract held by the username to grant distinct application permissions.

Accessing control mechanisms which govern data sharing, allowing selective sharing while also protecting privacy. Sharing with everyone facilitates widespread dissemination of information.

Overall, NFTs play a crucial role in decentralizing ownership and facilitating controlled sharing within the L1X platform.

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How does registering as a Username NFT benefit users on L1X?

Registering as a Username NFT provides recognition and lays the groundwork for future domain linking. It offers users a unique digital identity within the L1X ecosystem.

What role do space cards play in establishing ownership and decentralized data management?

Space cards are NFTs, linking their Usernames and establishing ownership of profile information. They contribute to a secure and decentralized data ownership structure on L1X.

How access control mechanisms work for data sharing on L1X?

Access control mechanisms govern data sharing on L1X, allowing users to selectively share their data with specific individuals or groups. This ensures that data privacy is maintained while facilitating controlled sharing.

What are the implications of sharing data with everyone on the platform?

Sharing data with everyone on the platform opens up data visibility, enabling widespread dissemination of information. However, it's important to note that this means the sharing module's access control mechanisms are not applied, and the data becomes openly accessible to all users.

How does L1X handle data deletion requests or updates to imported information?

Due to the immutable nature of blockchain technology, data deletion is not feasible. However, users can update their information and manage access permissions through the platform's control mechanisms.

The AMA session with Layer One X was a comprehensive deep-dive into the functionalities, use cases, and future directions of the Space CMS on the L1X App.

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