Elevating Referral Rewards: Introducing Sticky Cookies and Parent Referral Codes on L1X App

Experience seamless referral tracking with Sticky Cookies & maximize rewards with Parent Referral Codes on L1X App! Say hello to effortless recognition & watch your rewards soar! Learn more now!

Hey L1X Community!

We’ve got some electrifying news to share with you all! Our team has been hard at work behind the scenes, and we’re thrilled to unveil not one, but two game-changing updates to our Referral Program on the L1X App. Let’s dive right in!

Check out the Guide to create your Referral Link.

Sticky Cookies: Your Passport to Seamless Referral Tracking

Ever shared your referral link, only to wonder if your friend forgot to sign up? Say hello to Sticky Cookies — your new best friend in referral tracking!

🍪 How It Works: When someone clicks your referral link, their browser stores a special cookie containing your referral code. This cookie sticks around for 15 days, even if they wander off and return later.

🎉 The Magic Moment: Within those 15 days, when your friend finally decides to join the L1X App and connect their wallet, they’re automatically referred by you! No more missed opportunities — just seamless recognition and rewards.

Parent Referral Codes: Strengthening Bonds and Rewards

But wait, there’s more! Introducing Parent Referral Codes — a powerful way to strengthen your connections and maximise your rewards.

🔗 Linking Made Easy: If you’ve referred someone and your referral code was not linked to the profile, you can now nudge them to add the code to their Profile Card under the edit option. Once linked, your code proudly displays on their profile, and you unlock rewards from their transactions!

💡 Additional Perks: Your linked code is unchangeable and validated upon entry, ensuring a smooth experience for both referrers and referees.

Testing Success: Our dedicated team has rigorously tested both features to ensure flawless integration and functionality:

✅ Seamless Integration: The referral link smoothly embeds the code and directs users to the L1X App. 

✅ Persistent Tracking: Sticky Cookies ensure that referral attribution remains intact for 15 days, even through navigation or page reloads. 

✅ Effortless Recognition: Referees are seamlessly referred by their sharer upon connecting their wallet, maximizing rewards for both parties. 

✅ Enhanced Experience: Parent Referral Codes provide a seamless linking process and unlock rewards from referred users’ transactions.

With Sticky Cookies and Parent Referral Codes, we’re improving the way you refer and earn on the L1X App. So go ahead, spread the word, and watch your rewards soar!

Thank you for being part of our vibrant community, and stay tuned for more exciting updates on the horizon!


 The L1X Team

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