Introducing Space CMS – The Modern Way To Build Your Digital Space On Web3

Discover Space CMS: one-stop, subscription-free digital canvas for creators & businesses. Unify tools, manage data easily with a single L1X username.
ObjX CMS is now called Space CMS. Please read our old blog post to learn more about the technicalities of the same.

Imagine an infinite canvas where you can create, store, and share anything you’d like to build your digital space as a creator, freelancer, or a business. 

There are endless tools in the market for email marketing, selling courses, building websites, and everything you will need to grow your online presence. But with those tools, you invite chaos.  

You have a dozen different tools, all perfect at what they do but super bad at talking among themselves. All the data you have is scattered and practically useless. 

There’s another problem – All these tools cost money. A subscription might cost you $10 a month but does it ever end with one? 

Once you grab the L1X username, you do not have to pay any subscription charges at all. You can create whatever you want, however you want, whenever you want. 

That’s the flexibility our Space CMS offers you. 

Check out on the Space CMS Webinar for a more detailed information from the L1X Founder, Kevin Coutinho.

What is exactly Space CMS? 

Space CMS is a flexible CMS system that allows you to build a digital presence on Web3. You can build your audience on the L1X platform, run your newsletter to nurture them, and even conduct webinars to sell your courses or training programs. 

The best part? You don’t need to sign up to 3 different platforms. 

Your audience and the other tools are all in the one place, thanks to Space CMS. 

What are the best features of Space CMS? 

The biggest feature of the Space CMS is its flexibility. It works like you want it to, unlike other tools in the market that are restrictive in more than one way. Some other notable features: 

  • Pay Once, Own For Lifetime: In the world of monthly subscriptions, companies do their best to justify grabbing a couple of bucks from your account. Once you pay for your L1X username, we will never charge you again. 
  • Centralized Tool Stack: If you could manage your creator/freelance business from one place, how simple would your life be? That’s exactly why we built Space CMS. 
  • Distribution: The L1X ecosystem has thousands of users and counting. What you build and share will be searchable across the platform by all the users. New people will discover your content every day and get added to your L1X Space. 
  • Take back control: Every user that follows you here can consume everything you put out from your profile. Unlike social media platforms, algorithms do not prevent you from reaching out to 100% of the network you built and deserve to connect with. 
  • Monetization: While being in the L1X ecosystem, you can leverage the Space CMS and other tools to monetize your digital brand and generate recurring revenue from it, without having to pay extra for other tools. 

How to best use the Space CMS? 

A Space Card is the most basic and flexible element of Space CMS.

There are 2 types of Space Cards: 

Mobile Card 

A mobile card allows you to create vertical, mobile-friendly content for your audience. This can include link in bio, live webinars, swipe files, and even full-length courses. We live in a mobile-first world and even when most tools do not optimise for vertical, Space CMS is a people-first Web3 platform that is focused on helping you grow in the long-term, as a creator, freelancer, or a business owner. 

Flex Card

A flex card allows you to create horizontal scale content. This includes websites, newsletters, portfolios, etc. Everything that you build using a Flex Card is flexible, meaning it adjusts size and element spacing as per the screen size your audience is viewing on. 

The Space CMS is our take on a new, modern, flexible, and revolutionary Web3 platform that helps you build your own digital space to help you manage everything in one place, at no extra cost.  

Claim your username today, before anyone else grabs it and try the all-new Space CMS. 

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